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Another World is Inevitable

July 9, 2010


Originally uploaded by vegansayswhat

Soundtrack/// Thou’s newest LP Summit, an overwhelming and breathtaking DIY-blackened-sludge-masterpiece.

Choice Lyrics///

“A new world springs from the corpse of the old. Our most ephemeral desires and our most treasured dreams lay the foundation for a brilliant new reality. Social interaction is no longer defined by dutiful sadism. The death of the system, the system of death. This will be the day.”
—- from “Another World is Inevitable”

Lots to cover here since it’s the first REAL post in a year, but I’ll try not to let that pressure make me think I have to do everything at once. I’m becoming more comfortable with the idea of accumulation. Not hording, but letting many small creative projects be viewed, additionally, as one cumulative endeavor… feel me?

So I recently turned 24 this past 4th of July (cue sarcastic-patriotic woohoo-isms). Carrie drove me and Emma to Boone, NC. Though I didn’t grow up with a mountainous backdrop for day-to-day living, I can appreciate the encroachment of the earth on my senses as both delightful and claustrophobia-inducing. It feels like these beautiful blue and purple waves are either rushing at me or swelling away from me leaving me on the edge of falling. Thrilling nonetheless.

So Boone is beautiful, of course. Checked out some local knick-knack art and jewelry stores, went to Black Cat Burrito and almost died from spicy Jerk sauce. Ask Carrie what my face looked like – she’d love to show you sometime, I’m sure of it. It was tasty, had some tasty tofu and grilled pineapple inside. I wish I had a picture because grilled pineapple is one of the most gorgeous looking/tasting things on this earth but my mouth was too busy being bludgeoned by Jerk sauce (as previously stated).

We also made a zine about our day, stopping every few hours to use crayola markers to draw something fun that had happened, like, say, a burrito flamethrower. I swear it was delicious (after I chugged a liter of Silk).

Overall it was a wonderful 24th birthday. I’m excited about being 24. I’m not waiting to be another age. I’m ready to settle into 24, stop being so P when I try to be productive (check your Myers Briggs, if you have tons of ideas and want to do tons of different and fun things, so much so that you don’t do a single one of them sometimes, then you just might be a “P”). This is it though. I’m here. Another world is inevitable.

I think this will be enough for the first real post.

In the meantime: Check out pathetic Emma in the backseat.

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